Roaches are some if if not the most disgusting insect known to man plus these things can carry disease. There are close to 30 different varieties that live around humans. Ajax exterminating uses only professional grade products in areas kids and pets cant get to like undersinks, around pipes, cracks and crevices and behind appliances. Here in the Lone star state roaches are a major problem. For home and office they are not only gross but can be an embarrassing issue to clients or guests.

If you see only one odds are you have many more hiding out, a major infestation. We reccomend dont leave pet food out overnight to roaches it’s an all night all you can eat buffet. Dispose of trash and clean up any spills or food. Seal gaps around windows, doors and pipes and dont keep clutter around the home. In today’s fast paced age of food delivery both precooked and grocery check to make sure no little hitchhikers have made their way into your house along with your food. If you spot roaches in or out of your house, big or small call Ajax today to get the peace of mind you wont be seeing them for long.

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