Anyone even those without pets can can get an infestation of fleas in their home or office. Stray animals such as cats or even wild animals like raccoons or opossum crossing onto your property can bring them. This is why it is so very important to not keep pet food or water left out as this can and will attract animals that bring the fleas.

Fleas multiply so very fast it can be overwhelming in a matter of just a few short weeks time. Do it your self products homeowners use rarely if ever work to control fleas that is why a professional pest control company should be called in to solve the problem. Ajax exterminating treats carpets, furniture, baseboards and your entire front and back yard and flower beds with several different products that kills the fleas on contact, continuing to kill them and breaks the reproductive cycle. Having fleas in your home,office or business can cause a big inconvenience for you your family, pets and clients.

Any person who may have had contact with fleas may become a carrier of these blood sucking pests and set up flea infestations in other areas Fleas can jump over 150 times their body length and drink the blood of their host. Fleas have have 4 stages of their life cycle egg, larva, pupa, adult and if you call in Ajax exterminating it will 5 Dead!

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