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    Why Choose Ajax Exterminating For Your Pest Control Needs?

    Ajax Exterminating is committed to providing the very best service to protect against bugs and rodents and to prevent them from entering your home or office.

    Ajax Exterminating treats all bugs, rats and termites, and are highly trained, state licensed and insured we offer one-time, monthly or quarterly services. Our guarantee is if you have any problems we will come back and treat at no additional charge.

    Your home is for you and your family not bugs or rats - Ajax Exterminating can make them go away. Protect your home from insects and find peace of mind with guaranteed work and fast response time.

    The best way to stop bugs is to prevent them with our affordable pest control service to your home or office. Our service is designed to prevent and kill bugs before they get in your home. Our courteous and experienced technicians will carefully apply products that work fast for you, your pets and your family and are designed to target places in and outside of your home where bugs are most likely to be. Treating the outside keeps bugs from getting inside.
    • 24/7 Emergency Pest Control.
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    We Treat Many Different Kinds Of Pests

    Common Houston Pest Control Problems

    Our pest control services include the following steps to insure your home, office or business becomes pest free. First, our licensed and background checked exterminators will do a thorough inspection of your home both inside and outside to check for any insect activity or harborage areas where they hide. We also check for any gaps or holes around pipes, doors, and windows that may allow insects or rodents to gain access to your home or business. We then check the inside of the property including garage and attic for any evidence of rodents such as droppings or any other signs. We then review our findings with you prior to the service to address your concerns.  We then use a special bait labeled as green by the manufacturer in the attic to treat for pests such as roaches and silverfish. Ajax Exterminating pest control services will then apply a professional grade bait product to cracks and crevices in the home in areas that kids and pets can’t get to.

    The insects take the bait back to the colony and share it, killing them all. Outside, we then apply a product that kills and repels insects around window and door sills, foundation, and weep holes. Once this is done, a bait matrix that holds up in rain is applied to the perimeter of your home and garage as well as flower beds and areas of insect harborage. Plus we also kill wasp nests we come across as well as remove spider webs. Then finally we take a look for any termite activity after killing any ant mounds we find in the yard. Ajax Exterminating pest control services takes bug-killing seriously. We were Chief Executive of Pest Control at the Houston Zoo, and wrote manuals for pest control with the Head Vet. We also worked with the military in Iraq with mosquito abatement and animal trapping.  We’re good at what we do! State licensed  Tpcl 13885

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    Ant Control

    We treat your entire yard including flower beds and we back it up with a season long guarantee that if you see fire ants we will come back and treat them again for free.
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    Spider control is not something you want to attempt alone. Leave it to our spider control specialists to eliminate spiders from inside and around your house so you can rest assured your home is spider-free. Ajax will inspect for spider infestation and develop a plan to rid your house of them.
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    Rats and mice can cause damage to your home or business. At Ajax Exterminating our rodent exterminators are trained to locate rodent entry points and areas of activity. We will ensure your home or business is protected against rodents year round and will design a plan custom fit to your needs to get rid of rodents and keep them gone.
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    These nasty things are something we Texans are all to familiar with. The bites itch so much! Repellents and the stuff you get at the store doesn't really do much at all to stop them in order to do so a professional is needed. We treat exterior walls, around windows and doors, bushes, tree trunks flower beds, and the lawn. We use a liquid and granular professional product that kills them on contact. Unlike fogging it keeps on killing them plus prevents them from forming into adults. Take back the outdoors, have Ajax kill your mosquito problem.
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    Flies are filthy and carry at least 65 different kinds of disease. The average life span of the house fly is approximately 28 days...less if you have Ajax Exterminating treat for them. Food and garbage in and around your home allow flies to thrive so it is very important to keep your house or office clean. It is vital to get rid of flies as fast as possible Ajax exterminating recommends removing food that is left out, garbage and other fly attractants such as plants. Dog feces on your lawn will also attract flies.
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    Seeing cockroaches in your kitchen? We will rid your home of cockroaches by treating in cracks and crevices cabinets behind wall plugs where they will seek out the product and take it back to their nest eliminating the infestation.
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    The greatest concern about the presence of fleas in your home or business comes from their bites that can result in an uncomfortable itch. Fleas are a common problem in homes even if you do not have pets. Call Ajax Exterminating today to rid your home of them.
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    Silverfish are small insects with no wings but are an eyesore they don't belong in your home or business. Products used by Ajax Exterminating are professional grade. Our Pest Control Control Pros are trained in the correct use of products for the best results to protect your home against bugs. We are also thoroughly background checked, licensed and insured.
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    There are close to 30 different varieties of roaches like household roaches and palmetto bugs. Ajax Exterminating uses professional-grade products in areas kids and pets can't get to like under sinks, around pipes, cracks and crevices, and behind appliances.
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    How Can We Help?

    We Provide a Wide Variety of Residential & Commercial Pest Removal Services


    Emergency Help

    We provide 24 hour pest control services to Houston and surrounding areas.

    Complete Protection

    We treat all kinds of pests including ants, roaches, rodents and more.


    Complete Pest Management

    We treat any and all pests that may invade your business.

    Restaurant Pest Control

    We eliminate and prevent bug or rodent issues at your restaurant.

    Service Documentation

    We provide documentation you may need for insurance or other purposes.

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    Years of Experience

    Ant, Roach &
    Mosquito Control

    Ajax Exterminating provides complete pest control services to homes and businesses in the Houston and surrounding areas. We treat ants, roaches, mosquitos, mice, rats & more. Call us today for a free quote!
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    Houston Pest Control FAQs

    You can buy a pest control product but are you trained to use it? Any one can read a label but not everyone has decades of experience in pest control. Do you know how, where and why you are using it? Plus do you really need another thing on your honey-do list? Enjoy your day off let us do the work.

    After a service, it’s normal to see more bugs because they are flushed out and are dying. If you still see them, call us and we will come back for free.

    We like to use baits on the inside of your home this way it reduces pesticides in your house. We ask that pets be put in a room not to come in contact with us while we work. If we do need to use a product, we will let you know about your family and pets. Where’d you get a unicorn?

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