Silverfish Removal

Silverfish are nasty looking insects, but while they are unpleasant looking they can’t bite a human. Silverfish like to eat paper and cellulose products. Most often they are found in areas of high humidity at temperatures of around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Silverfish are most active during the spring months, but with the regular pest control program that Ajax provides, it will take care of the problem before it starts and put an end to it if you already have an infestation.

Where do you find Silverfish around your home?

Outside the home they are often found under bark or debris. That is why Ajax Exterminating places a barrier of specially designed weather resistant bait around the exterior of your home. The silverfish feed on it and don’t make it inside.

On the inside of your home or business attention is paid during inspection and treatment to your kitchen, laundry room, garage, and attic, which is most often overlooked by most companies. Ajax exterminating will talk with you about what can be done to control silverfish, such as lowering the humidity in the building, clearing debris from around the foundation of the building and cleaning of upholstered furniture.

Common indications of a silverfish infestation include:

  • shed scales
  • holes in magazines and books
  • holes in clothing
  • holes in wallpaper
  • you may even notice them inside of bookcases

Contact Ajax Exterminating For Silverfish Control Services

Ridding your home or business of pests like silverfish is best left to a professional. Call today to schedule service to rid yourself of these annoying pests.

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