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Ajax Exterminating pest control services takes bug-killing seriously. We were Chief Executive of Pest Control at the Houston Zoo, and wrote manuals for pest control with the Head Vet. We also worked with the military in Iraq with mosquito abatement and animal trapping. We’re that good at what we do! 


Our Process


Our pest control services include the following steps to insure your home, office or business becomes pest free. First, our licensed exterminators will do a thorough inspection of your home both inside and outside to check for any insect activity or harborage areas where they hide. We also check for any gaps or holes around pipes, doors, and windows that may allow insects or rodents to gain access to your home or business.

We then check the inside of the property including garage and attic for any evidence of rodents such as droppings or any other signs. We then review our findings with you prior to the service to address your concerns. We then use a special bait labeled as green by the manufacturer in the attic to treat for pests such as roaches and silverfish.

Ajax Exterminating pest control services will then apply a professional grade bait product to cracks and crevices in the home in areas that kids and pets can’t get to. The insects take the bait back to the colony and share it, killing them all. Outside, we then apply a product that kills and repels insects around window and door sills, foundation, and weep holes.

Once this is done, a bait matrix that holds up in rain is applied to the perimeter of your home and garage as well as flower beds and areas of insect harborage. Plus we also remove wasp nests and spider webs we find. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay you to kill my bugs? All I have to do is buy the stuff myself. It's cheaper.

You can buy a pest control product but are you trained to use it? Any one can read a label but not everyone has decades of experience in pest control. Do you know how, where and why you are using it? Plus do you really need another thing on your honey-do list? Enjoy your day off let us do the work.

I still see bugs after you treated. What's up?

After a service, it’s normal to see more bugs because they are flushed out and are dying. If you still see them, call us and we will come back for free.

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