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Ant Control

We treat your entire yard including flower beds and we back it up with a season long guarantee that if you see fire ants we will come back and treat them again for free.

Spider Control

Leave it to our spider control specialists to eliminate spiders from inside and around your house so you can rest assured your home is spider-free. Ajax will inspect for spider infestation and rid your house and yard of them.

rats and mice removal

Rodent Control

Rats and mice can cause damage to your home or business. Our rodent exterminators are trained to locate rodent entry points and areas of activity. We will ensure your home or business is protected against rats and mice year round.

Pest Control Services

Looking for local pest control services? Ajax Exterminating is your local pest expert! We treat ants, spiders,  roaches, mosquitos, mice, rats & more. Ajax Exterminating has been in business since 2009.

Ant Control Near Me

Roach Control Near Me

Rodent Control Near Me

Mosquito Control Near Me

Spider Control Near Me

cockroach removal


There are close to 30 different varieties of roaches like household roaches and palmetto bugs. Ajax Exterminating uses professional-grade products in areas kids and pets can’t get to like under sinks, around pipes, cracks and crevices, and behind appliances.


The greatest concern about the presence of fleas in your home or business comes from their bites that can result in an uncomfortable itch. Ajax Exterminating can rid your home of fleas.

fly control


Flies are filthy and carry at least 65 different kinds of disease. The average life span of the house fly is approximately 28 days…less if you have Ajax Exterminating treat for them. Food and garbage in and around your home allow flies to thrive so it is very important to keep your house or office clean.


These nasty things are something we Texans are all to familiar with. The bites itch so much! Repellents and the stuff you get at the store doesn’t really do much at all to stop them in order to do so a professional is needed. We treat exterior walls, around windows and doors, bushes, tree trunks flower beds, and the lawn.

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