We have services to control sugar, Crazy, ,Fire and carpenter ants as well as all others. we treat using products that the ants will take back to their colony and Kill Them All .do-it-yourself products cause ants to split up and create new infestations in and around your home our service treats foundations door sills, window sills, Eaves, weep holes and exterior perimeter as well as the interior where we find the ants.

termites on wood

Ant Control Process

Pestico Pest Control has been treating termites for almost 40 years. We’re termite experts and have a comprehensive process for finding, eliminating, and preventing termite infestations.

Ant Control Inspection

A licensed pest control technician will come to your property to conduct a thorough inspection to identify if you have termites, the severity of termite activity and damage, as well as the conducive conditions that could be attracting these pests to your home.

Based on the findings, the technician will develop a termite control proposal for you to review.


Ant Control Treatment

Our expert personnel relies on Termidor® liquid treatments to completely eradicate termite activity within our customers' homes. We will dig a shallow trench around the entire perimeter of your home and rod the product into the base of the foundation to create a barrier against termites.

We do not stop there. We will treat all plumbing penetrations through the entirety of your foundation and, if necessary, treat any crawl space or attic that may be susceptible to termite activity. The only way to fully stop termite damage is by eliminating all threats.

Pestico Ant Control Warranty

We are confident in our training and in our products. We provide all of our customers with a one-year termite treatment warranty that can be transferred if the home is sold.

We also provide extended termite treatment warranties for any qualifying home.